Health & Social Care


Course Topics

The Edexcel Level 2 BTEC First Certificate in Health and Social Care consists
of two care units plus one specialist unit.

Core Units:

  • Communication and Individual Rights within the Health and Social Care

  • Individual needs within the Health and Social Care Sector.

Specialist Unit:

  • One specialist unit is completed by all pupils.

You will learn how to:

  • Investigate ways of promoting effective communication.
  • Examine barriers to effective communication.
  • Explore diversity and equality in society.
  • Explore everyday needs of individuals in society.
  • Examine factors that influence the health and needs of individuals.
  • Investigate potential hazards in the Health and Social Environment.

These examples are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

Why study Health & Social Care?

This course was designed to provide specialist work related qualifications in a wide range of sectors. It has been developed to provide preparation for employment and to provide career development opportunities.

BTEC qualification was designed to develop knowledge and understanding required in the health and social care employment sectors. It is therefore important for those embarking on a career in health and social care to gain knowledge and understanding of the skills involved in communication in order for them to be able to develop appropriate interpersonal skills.

The BTEC First Certificate is the equivalent to two GCSE qualifications grades C and above.



No written examination.
100% Coursework. First part submitted by the
Easter Period of Year 10.


You will gain a BTEC First Certificate in Health and Social Care Level 2.



Mrs C Lane
Subject Leader