History at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community is taught at all Key Stage levels and is a popular choice at GCSE, where we have a long record of examination success.

The department runs at least one study trip a year to Holland & Germany where pupils visit various points of interest to enrich their knowledge on World War I and II as well as the rise and fall of Nazism.

Course Topics

  • Germany in Transition, 1919 – 1947
    A study in depth.
  • Depression, war and recovery in Wales and England, 1930-2000

    A study in depth.
  • The development of the USA, 1930-2000
    An outline study
  • These are all examined units. Each examination is now 1.15min in

    A controlled internal assessment set by the exam board each year.

  • You will learn how to:

    • Interpret and evaluate pieces of information (sources)
    • To communicate and apply knowledge
    • How to describe and analyse the key features of the period studied
    • Use critical thinking and problem solving

    You will have the opportunity to study photographs, films, videos, interactive CD-ROMs, newspapers and written sources.

    Why study History?

    If you want to develop analytical skills to enhance further career prospects then this is the subject for you. History provides an opportunity to learn about your past and its influence on the present and the future.

    Qualifications in History can lead to career opportunities in a wide field – journalism, the police force, accountancy, TV and the media, tourism, the law. Key skills learnt through History can be applied to all sorts of other situations demonstrating that you are able to communicate clearly and have the ability to express yourself verbally, and on paper.

    • “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”Winston Churchill



    One controlled assessment which makes up 25% of the final mark.


    Two written papers comprising of one 2 hour exam unit 1 and 2, and a further
    1 hour exam for unit


    History Department

    Mr D Harrett
    Subject Leader History

    Mrs A John
    History Teacher

    Mr D Hill
    History Teacher