Assessment Policy


Assessment and the recording of achievement are integral parts of the teaching and learning programme. The school will report standards and achievements regularly so that pupils can actively engage in becoming more confident, motivated and independent learners. Recording and reporting will be in accordance with statutory requirements and will aim always to be consistent, fair and fully understood by staff, pupils and parents.

Assessment Policy

The main purpose of assessment is to identify what a pupil knows, understands and can do, so that teaching and learning can be matched with each pupil’s needs and abilities. Assessment is a statutory and contractual obligation upon teachers but it is essential that the process is manageable and effective in, both communication and raising standards. The best assessment has an immediate impact on both teaching and learning. Details on what constitutes best practice on assessment for learning is specified in the Teaching and Learning Policy.

Assessment at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community will:

  • be an integral part of the teaching and learning process in the classroom and actively involve students in the assessment, monitoring and tracking of their progress;
  • use methods that are varied, contain aspects of review and are differentiated to the needs of the pupils and the nature of the task or area of study;
  • reinforce positive achievement, attainment and attitudes to work;
  • judge pupil attainment against the standards in the national curriculum and as required by the in all key stages, using targets that have been shared with pupils and which are based on clear learning objectives and criteria that are understood in advance.

Recording Policy

Records at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community will:

  • be manageable, clear and up to date;
  • provide for the effective transfer in a common format of information between staff, year groups and key stages;
  • promote and structure the learning process;
  • be used to monitor and review pupil progress and to provide the basis for summative assessment and reporting, in line with statutory requirements; and be integral with the Homework Policy

Reporting Policy

Reporting is intended to provide regular, effective feedback to parents and pupils in relation to progress, attitude and overall attainment within a subject and across the curriculum. It is intended to promote a planned continuous dialogue that develops a learning partnership between pupils, parents and teachers. It involves oral and written communication, which recognises statutory requirements, includes a summary of what has been achieved and provides information to plan future progress.

Reporting at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community will:

  • place the student at the centre of the process and set learning in context;
  • be factual and specific, rooted in the assessment and recording systems of the school and point the way to future learning objectives;
  • identify and communicate targets to parents and students that endeavour to secure improvement within a subject and allow pupils to take further guided steps forward in their learning;
  • provide regular feedback on assessment and targets so that teachers and students can be active partners in the evaluation process;
  • allow assessment to be used to Influence and inform future teaching and learning to secure continuity and progression;
  • be positive about achievement, providing information about important skills and knowledge that have been acquired and understanding that has been demonstrated;
  • demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities & be sensitive in its use of language;
  • provide parents with information about curriculum content & course requirements together with information about attendance, punctuality, rewards & sanctions and follow the assessment and recording and reporting calendar schedule

Marking Code at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community

Symbol Definition
this is correct
what you have written is very good
this is incorrect
means that what has been written does not make sense
means this section does not make sense
means something has been left out
means that comments are written at the end of the work
start a new paragraph here
this indicates a spelling mistake.
capital letter mistake