Pupil Deprivation Grant

Publication of information about the schools’ use of the Pupil Deprivation

It is a requirement of the grant funding that schools publish certain details relating to our use of the Pupil Deprivation Grant so that local stakeholders are aware of we use the grant. This is a requirement of Welsh Government and the terms of the issuing of the grant.

Schools cannot…

  • Publish information that might lead to the identification of children or families in receipt of FSM or other sensitive support/benefits
  • Publish information that might lead to speculation around LAC children or other children in conditions of vulnerability
  • Publish information that might lead to the identification of staff as being dedicated to services to vulnerable groups

Statement – Ebbw Fawr Learning Community


  • The total number of pupils on school roll for September 2014 is 1449
  • The school’s Free School Meal student population is approximately 25%
  • This is approximately the same figure for the previous year.
  • The total allocation of PDG to this school for April 2014 to 31st March 2015 is £332,316
  • The school undertakes the following activities in order to support pupils facing the challenges of poverty and deprivation

Evidence shows that the most effective schools achieve improved student outcomes for all – including eFSM pupils through a combination of high quality teaching, strong and dynamic leadership, a relevant curriculum, a culture of high expectations and a programme of targeted catch-up and enrichment activities. To that end we have used the funding to finance the following:

  • Primary transition programme
  • Revision and other intervention programmes for Maths and English GCSE students and associated staffing costs.
  • Literacy & Numeracy Programmes for KS1, 2, 3 and 4 students and associated training for staff involved
  • Reading programmes purchased to support Literacy intervention at all key stages
  • Behaviour & Intervention support at all key stages
  • Provision for age related use of information technology devises such as laptops and tablets.
  • Attendance support and associated staffing costs through the 3-16 age range
  • Training for staff in the delivery of literacy, numeracy and information technology programmes.
  • A range of targeted intervention projects with Coleg Gwent and other secondary schools and providers
  • Staff development opportunities.

The school’s Pupil Deprivation Grant and other grants usage are regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body, supported by advice from the Education Achievement Service for South East Wales and are monitored by the Local Authority.

Graeme Harkness
September 2014