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Catering at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community has become an increasingly popular choice at GCSE in recent years, and the department often achieves what is elusive in many schools, in that the subject is equally popular with males as with females.

Throughout the school, the cookery department is frequently involved in fund raising and competitive events, which are always popular with the pupils.

  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of the Catering Industry;
  • Gather and record Catering information;
  • Interpret collected evidence and use investigative procedures to form a plan of action for set practical tasks;
  • Carry out planned tasks by applying appropriate catering skills;
  • Arrive at a personal view points and then make decisions related to the tasks;
  • Take action based on decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of the catering tasks undertaken;

Design & Technology Department

Subject Leader
Mr. A. Griffiths

Design & Technology
Mr. S. Booton
Miss. L. Button
Mrs. N. Owen
Mr. J. Caswell

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"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."

Harriet Van Horne

Why study Catering?

If you want to develop skills and knowledge of the Catering Industry, widen your creativeness and imagination, then GCSE Catering is for you.

There are a number of reasons for choosing GCSE Catering:

  • It’s a practical subject which is accessible to all pupils.
  • It meets Government initiatives for more vocational courses.
  • A range of life skills are learnt by pupils in a fun way.
  • It forms strong links between home, school and industry.
  • The course is well structured.
  • Well motivated pupils can achieve excellent grades.


Key Stage 3

In Year 7 time is spent getting to know the students and assessing their levels before beginning a differentiated programme of study. In cookery and nutrition sessions students participate in theory based and practical activities with regard to the handling of foods and preparation of foods.

In Year 8 students have developed the skills necessary to work creatively and semi-independently on cookery and nutrition. Students are taught how to cook and apply the principles of healthy eating through making a range of meals and dishes that are chosen specifically to develop crucial skills within the kitchen. 

In Year 9 students choose their options and some students may choose to participate in a Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE curriculum at Key Stage 4. 

Key Stage 4

Students who are capable and who choose to participate in GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition will start the GCSE course for Food Preparation and Nutrition in Year 10. The GCSE course is an exciting and creative course which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials. At its heart the qualification focuses on nurturing practical cookery skills to give students a strong understanding of nutrition. The course is integrated into five core topics; food nutrition and health, food science, food safety, food choice and food provenance.


The English department has access to a wealth of school resources, including Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and Kindles.

Pupils utilise a variety of these resources within their structured lessons, to help develop their ICT competency skills through the use of language.

Parents, Carers & Students. Please visit our online resource libraries for revision content, tutor support, homework & more using Microsoft Teams for Education (or) access your work remotely using Home Access.

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