Meet the Staff

Ebbw Fawr Learning Community has a vibrant mix of staff that are passionate about children’s learning.

They are all highly qualified, driven individuals who are fully immersed in all areas of life, dedicated to improving the overall experience of each child under their care.

The school is also privileged to have a strong and dedicated support staff, who are all extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields to ensure the smooth running of the Primary & Secondary sites throughout the academic year and holidays.

Tîm Arweinyddiaeth

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr Huw Lloyd

Secondary Phase Campus


Mrs Carys Llewellyn

Head of School Primary
Primary Phase Campus


Mrs Melanie Thomas

Head of School Secondary
Secondary Phase Campus

Mrs Marie Anderson

School Business Manager
Secondary Phase Campus

Dr Scott Reasons

Assistant Head - Curriculum & Data
Secondary Phase Campus

BSc, MSc, PhD

Mrs Beverley Timothy-Webber

Assistant Head - Teaching & Learning
Secondary Phase Campus

Mr Owen Mullins

Assistant Headteacher - Wellbeing
Secondary Phase Campus

Miss Erica O’Connell

Assistant Head of Primary
Primary Phase Campus

Miss Hannah Webley

Associate Assistant Headteacher
Secondary Phase Campus

Leaders of Learning

Arweinwyr Dysgu

Leaders of Learning 2023

Mrs Menna Davies

Year 7
Secondary Phase

Welsh Teacher

Mrs Frances Khan

Year 8
Secondary Phase

RSS Teacher

Miss Vanessa Roberts

Year 9
Secondary Phase

Biology Teacher

Mrs Claire Jones

Year 10
Secondary Phase

Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Julie Wyburn

Year 11
Secondary Phase

English Teacher

Teaching & Support Staff

Staff Addysgu a Chymorth

Teaching & Support Staff

Athrawon Cyfnod Sylfaen

Primary Phase Teachers

Teacher Class
Mrs J Aggett Primary Teacher
Mrs M Maybank Primary Teacher
Miss A Morris Primary Teacher
Mrs J Whitcombe Primary Teacher
Miss M Summers Primary Teacher
Miss L Bevan Primary Teacher
Mrs L Skinner Primary Teacher
Ms. E. O’Connell Primary Teacher
Mr L Sirrell Primary Teacher
Mrs S Ford Primary Teacher & Head of ALN
Cynorthwywyr Addysgu Cyfnod Sylfaen

Primary Phase Teaching Assistants

TA Phase
Mrs C Winton Teaching Assistant Primary
Miss C Morgan Teaching Assistant Primary
Mrs C Boulter Teaching Assistant Primary
Miss L Kirby Teaching Assistant Primary
Mrs M Evans Teaching Assistant Primary
Mrs S Jones Teaching Assistant Primary
Miss C Price Teaching Assistant Primary
Ms L Owens Teaching Assistant Primary
Ms T Purnell Teaching Assistant Primary
Ms M Gregory Teaching Assistant Primary
Ms K Griffiths HLTA
Ms S Hughes HLTA
Ms E Williams HLTA / FEO


Staff Gweinyddol a Chymorth

Admin & Support Staff

Staff Position
Miss. C. Baker Curriculum Support Officer
Mr. N. Jones Catering Manager
Mr. P. Williams D & T Technician
Mrs. D. Thomas Exams & Data Manager
Mrs. A. Woods Finance Officer
Mrs. J. Meredith Head’s PA
Mr. D. Short ICT Network Manager
Mr. D Bowen ICT Apprentice
Mr. M. Stanley ICT Digital Comms Officer
Mr. A. McIntosh Librarian
Mrs. P. Williams Senior Pastoral Manager
Mr. A. Lane Pastoral Manager
Mr. D. Battle Pastoral Manager
Mr. W. Allman Pastoral Manager
Mr. A. O’Connell HLTA – Curriculum Support
Mrs. E. Tabrah Science Technician
Mrs. S. Megraw Senior Receptionist Pri
Mrs. J. Caswell Senior Receptionist Sec
Mr. I. Jones Senior Site Manager
Mr. C. Brickell Site Manager
Mr. G. Williams Site Manager 
Mrs. K. Rees Site Manager 
Mrs. S. Long Student Services


Athrawon Cyfnod Uwchradd

Secondary Phase Teachers

Teacher Subject
Mr J Clayton Mathematics Subject Leader
Mrs H Sheppard Mathematics Deputy Subject Leader
Mrs C Jones Mathematics Teacher & Head of Year
Mrs J Ewins Mathematics Teacher
Mrs C Blatchford Mathematics Teacher
Mr V Williams Mathematics Teacher
Miss L Davies Mathematics Teacher
Mr R George Mathematics Teacher
Miss M Herring Mathematics Teacher
Miss C Eveleigh Mathematics Teacher
Miss H Webley Associate Assistant Head / English Subject Leader
Miss M Gordon English Deputy Subject Leader
Ms K Jenkins English Teacher
Mrs J Wyburn English Teacher & Head of Year
Miss K Holley English Teacher
Mrs G Phillips English Teacher
Ms E McCarthy English Teacher
Ms L Davies English Teacher
Miss B Rees English Teacher
Mr Peter Jones English Teacher
Miss R Baker English Teacher
Ms L Seedat Science Subject Leader
Miss V Roberts Science Teacher & Head of Year
Mr R Johns Science Teacher
Mr D Wilson Science Teacher
Ms E Matthews Science Teacher
Mr J Mineur Science Teacher
Ms S Murphy Science Teacher
Mr J Hillier ICT Teacher
Mr M Vaughan ICT Teacher
Mr A Griffiths Design & Technology Subject Leader
Ms L Button Catering & Health + Social Care Teacher
Mr C Walters Geography Subject Leader
Mr M Thomas Geography Teacher
Mr L Jones Geography Teacher
Mr D Harrett History Subject Leader
Mr D Hill History Teacher
Mr D Langman History Teacher
Mrs C Lane Religious Studies Subject Leader & Welsh Bacc Teacher
Mrs F Khan Religious Studies Teacher & LoL
Miss A Lane Religious Studies Teacher
Ms E Barbour-Gresham Religious Studies Teacher
Ms B Carpanini Religious Studies Teacher
Mrs S Keohane Art Subject Leader
Mrs H O’Neill Art Teacher
Miss F Tibbles Textiles Teacher
Mr D Pisacane MFL Subject Leader
Mrs A Champs MFL Teacher, Safeguarding Officer
Mr A Morrissi Welsh Language Subject Leader
Mrs M Davies Welsh Teacher & LoL
Mrs K Robins Welsh Teacher
Miss M Meredith Welsh Teacher
Mrs S Parry Performing Arts Subject Leader
Miss L Pendry Performing Arts Teacher
Mr P Juliff Music Teacher
Mrs C Maher P.E Subject Leader
Mr H Owen P.E Teacher
Mrs R Price P.E Teacher
Ms K Jones P.E Teacher
Mr R Francis P.E Teacher
Mr B Walters P.E Teacher
Ms M Jones P.E Teacher
Mr M Pelaez-Heras ALNCO
Mrs R Fieldhouse-Booth LRB Co-ordinator
Miss B Boulter LRB Teacher
Mrs D Cairns-Pitt EVE Teacher
Mr R Blatchford EVE Teacher


Cynorthwywyr Addysgu Cyfnod Uwchradd

Secondary Phase Teaching Assistants

TA Phase
Mrs L Brickell CLA Mentor
Miss K Hendy Lead HLTA – ALN
Miss S Mills HLTA – English – ALN
Mr I Griffiths HLTA – SWEET – ALN
Mrs E Morris HLTA – SWEET – ALN
Mr N Lapping Teaching Assistant – ALN
Miss S Bennett Teaching Assistant – ALN
Mrs K Doherty Teaching Assistant – ALN
Miss E Gilson Teaching Assistant – ALN
Mr D Shorthouse Teaching Assistant – ALN
Mrs J Williams Teaching Assistant – ALN
Mr J Smith Teaching Assistant – ALN


Staff will normally respond during working hours. If the matter is more urgent then please contact main reception. 

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