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The Design & Technology Department at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community is an enriched, lively and stimulating environment where pupils learn and develop an array of techniques in design and crafts. It is a far-reaching subject and incorporates skills in areas such as problem solving, drawing, ICT and mathematics. Pupils are encouraged to discuss and debate in class important economic, environmental and social issues relating to the subject.

Topics of Study

The two year course focuses on: Product Design/working with Wood,
Metal, Plastic, Energy, Structures, Systems, Mechanisms, Graphics and

You will learn to:

  • Understand the needs of a customer and design products to meet these needs.
  • Research information from a range of sources to aid in understanding problems and solving them.
  • Use a range of manufacturing methods and equipment both traditional and modern to manufacture high quality outcomes efficiently and safely.
  • Be critical of information, methods and products in order to improve outcomes and products.
  • Use a range of ICT equipment and skills to design and manufacture outcomes.

Course Content

The course is studied over a two year period; Year 10 will be modular, whereby you will undertake many small design and make tasks which you can relate to a theme or interest of your choice. These projects will develop your designing and making skills which you will use in Year 11 for your final assessed piece of work.

Why study GCSE Design & Technology – Resistant Materials?

The course aims to develop the students understanding and ability in the use of traditional and modern manufacturing methods to produce high quality products for a specific end user. The students will develop product analysis skills, look at the work of two prominent designers and some design History issues, the manufacturing world, its implications on society and manufacturing process – Materials and Components and CAD/CAM. This GCSE is relevant to the student who wishes to continue with further education in a design / engineering field or those who wish to pursue the manufacturing or construction trade occupations.

  • “What you need to invent, is an imagination and a pile of junk.” ~ Thomas Edison

  • Assessment


    You will be assessed in Year 11 on the basis of your Controlled Assessment Task, this is a 30 hour major project (60%). You will be required to design and make the product – An A3 design portfolio which will be no longer than 15 pages. The exam board will set the task. Also, 1 written examination (40%) testing your knowledge of the subject.


    The course will require you to sit 1 design paper with 5 questions on it. This will contrubute to 40% of your overall grade.

    • 2 hours duration
    • Contain 2 sections
    • Will be subject area specific
    • One tier each question will cover grades A* – G


    D&T Department

    Mr A Griffiths
    Subject Leader Design & Technology

    Mr S Booton
    Design & Technology Teacher

    Mr S Millard
    Design & Technology Teacher

    Mrs N Owen
    Design & Technology Teacher

    Mrs C John
    Design & Technology Teacher

    Mr P Williams
    Design & Technology Technician

    Mrs R Johnson
    Food Technology Technician