Introduction Mathematics at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community is a thriving and successful object due primarily to the enthusiasm, drive and commitment shown by the staff delivering the content. Broadly speaking, the aims of the Mathematics department at Ebbw Fawr are to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils’ interest and enjoyment of the subject by extending their understanding of mathematics in its widest context, and showing how it relates to life outside of school. By delivering meaningful context, we aim to provide opportunities for the pupils to use their skills creatively, through problem solving and investigation.

Topics of Study

  • Number and Algebra
  • Shape, Space and Measures
  • Handling Data
  • Real Life Mathematics
  • Solving Non-Calculator problems

You will learn to:

  • use a calculator effectively
  • carry out numerical calculations without the use of a calculator
  • solve problems using logical thinking

Why study Mathematics?

Mathematics has always been a traditional subject that is valued highly within educational institutions as well as professional working environments. Mathematics is a subject that will never lose its appeal and prestige because of the skills and understanding that can be gained from studying such a subject.

The study of mathematics helps you to analyse a problem in more ways than one. It teaches you to be more objective and to look at several routes to the solution of a problem. There is always one solution but many approaches to obtaining the one solution.

It’s also a very challenging subject and so there is a real sense of achievement once a problem has been solved. However, the key to be successful in the study of mathematics is to enjoy it.

  • “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” ~ Albert Einstein
  • Assessment


    There is a choice between two levels of entry
    for GCSE mathematics:

    • Higher Tier – grades available A* to C
    • Foundation – grades available C to G

    Your child’s teacher will advise as to which level of examination your child should enter. Assessment for all levels of entry is by terminal examination.


    In addition to GCSE mathematics, the department also offers the following qualifications:

    • Entry Level:
      Pupils who achieve a level 3 or below at Key Stage 3 will normally study Entry Level Maths. This is an alternative course to GCSE Mathematics and your child will be advised by his/her teacher about the requirements of the course.
    • Application of Number:
      All pupils in Key Stage 4 will be provided with the opportunity to gain the Key Skill Application of Number Qualification at levels 1 or 2


    Mathematics Department

    Mr E James
    Subject Leader Mathematics

    Mr C Davies
    Deputy Subject Leader Mathematics

    Mr V Williams
    Mathematics Teacher

    Mrs J Ewins
    Mathematics Teacher

    Mr S Reasons
    Mathematics Teacher

    Mrs C Jones
    Mathematics Teacher

    Mr G Jones
    Mathematics Teacher

    Mr T Pettifor
    Mathematics Teacher