Modern Foreign Languages


Course Topics

Pupils study the WJEC French Course over two years. The topics covered during key stage 4 include, Everyday Activities, Personal and Social Life, The World around us, The World of work and The International World. Pupils do two controlled speaking assessments in class during the course, and two writing assessments in class, these make up 60% of their final GCSE grade.

You will learn to:

  • Understand and use French effectively for the purpose of practical communication
  • Form a sound basis for skills, language and attitudes required for further study, work or holidays
  • Develop positive attitudes to foreign language learning and gain an insight into French culture
  • Develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing

Why study Modern Foreign Language?

French is the first or second language in more than 40 countries and is spoken by over 125 million people around the world. Knowledge of a second language is essential in over 60 occupations. There are many opportunities with airlines, import-export companies and other international business. You could also become a French teacher, an interpreter, a translator or work in tourism, business services, banking, sales and manufacturing. Job applicants who are proficient in two languages will be at a distinct advantage in the world of work.

  • “The finest language is mostly made up of simple unimposing words” ~ George Eliot

  • Assessment


    During Year 10 and 11 pupils do two school based controlled speaking assessments 30 % and two controlled writing assessments 30%

    Year 10 Year 11
    Christmas School Exam
    End of Year
    School Exam
    Mock Exam
    Listening Examination 20%
    Reading Examination 20%


    Final examination consists of listening and reading components only.


    MFL Department

    Mrs S Holden
    Subject Leader Modern Foreign Languages

    Mrs A Champs
    Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

    Mr D Pisacane
    Modern Foreign Languages Teacher