Why study Music?

Music is all around us. It influences our moods and emotions and stimulates
and excites us in many ways. Following this GCSE course will develop your
understanding of how music is created through four Areas of Study. In the course
you will learn how to compose and develop skills in performing and appraising
music. GCSE Music teaches you to learn independently and how to work as a team.
Many pupils further their study at AS and A level and even beyond that.

Course Topics (Areas of Study)

  • The history of music and the development of the orchestra. 1600 – 1899
  • Music in the 20th Century
  • Popular Song
  • World Music

You will learn how to:

  • Compose music from the 4 areas of study
  • Perform music from the 4 areas of study
  • Listen and Appraise music from the 4 areas of study

These skills are interrelated and will all be assessed.


Assessment and Coursework breakdown:

The examination covers the full range of grades from A* – G.

  • Unit 1: Performing 30%, Solo = 15%, Ensemble = 15%
    This is over the 2 year period where you are assessed by your teacher.

  • Unit 2: Composing 30%, Portfolio of 2 compositions each worth 15%.
    These compositions are ongoing over the 2 year period are assessed by your teacher.

  • Unit 3: Listening and appraising 40%
    This consists of a 1 hour 30 minute examination where you will be asked to respond to questions based around the set works. The written paper is assessed by an external examiner.



There are many career opportunities available for musicians. Below is a list of the more popular jobs that musicians do on a day to day basis.

Performing in and with an Orchestra, The Royal Navy, The Army, The Welsh Guards, Musicals, Opera House, Ballet.

Composing for television, radio, films, festivals, important occasions and events, song writing.

Other: Teacher / Lecturer, Music Editor, Music Supervisor and Arranger (TV and/ or radio) Pop/Rock star, Music / Arts producer. Sound Engineer, Music Technology, Music Therapist, Music Management, Music Agent, D Jay, Entertainer, Musical Director, Music Librarian, Music Publisher, Repetiteur.

Music GCSE will also develop other skills including self discipline, motivation, communication, perseverance, creative development.


Music Department

Mrs L Maddy
Subject Leader Music

Mr C Morris
Music Teacher

Miss G Clist
Music Teacher (Primary Phase)