Physical Education


Why Study Physical Education?

If you enjoy taking part in a variety of sports activities and you have an interest in the theoretical aspects of physical fitness you will enjoy GCSE Physical Education. The qualification will be useful for gaining entry to higher/further education establishments and for a variety of vocations.

Course Topics

You will need to choose four practical areas to study over the two years. We offer some choice in school and you can also use sports which you take part in outside school. Two out of six lessons are theory.

You will learn how to:

Plan, perform and evaluate in four practical activities of your choice. You will also learn how to evaluate physical fitness and understand the theoretical aspects of fitness.



  • Written paper – 1 hour and 30 minutes (100 marks -40%) plus four practical activities, at least two of which must be as a player. The other two can be as a player, leader or official. Candidates can only be assessed once as a leader and once as an official (120 marks – 60%).

  • There is one written examination to test candidate’s knowledge and understanding of exercise and fitness, physical, psychological and technical factors that have an influence on performance and well being.


PE Department

Mr M Harris
Subject Leader Physical Education (Boys)

Miss C Harris
Subject Leader Physical Education (Girls)

Mr J Strange
Physical Education Teacher

Mrs R Price
Physical Education Teacher

Mrs R Johns
Physical Education Teacher