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Excellent results at Ebbw Fawr

Our aim at Ebbw Fawr is that all students achieve their potential and so we are very proud of every single one of our students. Many will have achieved their potential in getting those C or D grades and I’m delighted that our level 1 indicator and capped point score dramatically improved which reflects our focus on all of our students. However the number of students achieving 5 A and A* also rose from 8 to 17% which is great news for these students with academic aspirations. In this respect the following deserve a particular mention.

GCSE Results 2017/18 – Top Performers

Student Result(s) Capped Point Score
Hannah James 11A* and 2As 522 (Waunlwyd Primary)
Rhian Wyatt 10A*, 3As and a L3 in Sport 510 (Beaufort Hill Primary)
Mia Davies 4A*, 4As and 5Bs 486 (Beaufort Hill Primary)
Jada Dufty 3A*, 7As and 2Bs 486 (Beaufort Hill Primary)
Jeswin Jiji 3A* and 10As 486 (Willowtown Primary)
Jacob Perry 3A*, 3As, 6Bs and 1C 480 (Glyncoed Primary)
Beth Gratton 2A*, 6As, 5Bs and L3 in Sport 468 (Cwm Primary)
Abbie Hewlett 2A*, 6As, 4Bs, 1C and L3 in Sport 468 (Cwm Primary)
Kian O’Connell 2A*, 5As and 6Bs 468 (Rhos-Y-Fedwen Primary)
William Wallace 2A*, 5As, 5Bs and 1C 468 (Pontygof Primary)
Molly Watkins 2A*s, 5As, 4Bs and 1C 468 (Glyncoed Primary)

Kian-O-Connell Rhian Wyatt Hannah James Rhian-Wyatt Yr 11 students 2 YR 11 students